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Handmade Warmth and Character

I have always been interested in art, crafting and making things myself at home. Creating ceramic pieces that are functional and beautiful is my passion. I use BRT clay predominately because of the texture and finish it gives. You can say that most of my pieces are rustic in appearance, but I also make refined pieces.

What I love about handmade is that it shows how someone has taken the time and care to produce something unique. Handmade pottery pieces have their own warmth and character, which mass-produced items sorely lack.

I love how the clay reacts to different coloured glazes. I use an LGH clay too, but I am most passionate about using chunky clay. I make sets of things, but no two items are the same. Each piece reflects my ideology that my work should be functional but also be beautiful to look at and interesting to the touch.

Mad About Mud

My pieces are my own, and I love what I make. I put passion into every piece to make each one a truly one-of-a-kind gift you would be proud to give loved ones or friends (or keep for yourself!)

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