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Moulded by Hand, Fired by Passion

My love of texture comes through in my pottery pieces and is rivalled only by my passion for creating free forms by hand.

The glaze firing is then where the piece reaches its full potential. A huge array of colours can be found within different firing temperatures and glaze mixes.

This is the magic not to be found in any other art form. Experience it in the pottery I create at Wild Mud.

Ceramic Products and Sculptures by Wild Mud

I am inspired by nature and enjoy making pieces with soft lines and gentle curves. As a ceramic artist, I make things that I like to use and look at, such as dinner sets, platters, pots, and serving pieces.

Recently, I have forayed into sculpting too. Clay is a fantastic medium to work in, but less refined clay with lots of body opens the door to creating pieces that are not only pleasing to look at. The textures of a piece with some glazed and some not glazed surfaces gives a sculpture dimension.

Discover the rustic beauty of my creations, and find delight in their textures and shapes. For enquiries about my works and requests for me to do commissioned pieces, please get in touch with me.

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